Power management for a changing grid.

The energy business is changing.

In the 20th century, power plants made electricity & sold it to customers: Power generation was what the business was all about.

Renewables have disrupted the grid.

Serving many more customers at prices traditional generation can’t beat.

We need clean energy more than ever.

However, renewables don’t always provide power when & where it’s needed.

That’s where we come in.

Jupiter ensures the most affordable power can get to market—even if it's produced at the wrong time or place.

Reverse white logo for the Jupiter Power company, providing power management for a changing grid

We don’t generate power, we manage it.

We’re using novel applications of cutting-edge energy storage technologies to better serve today’s electricity business.

Reverse white logo for the Jupiter Power company, providing power management for a changing grid


We’ve developed

technology to find the right locations and to operate storage in the smartest way possible.

Our technology ensures the most affordable power can get to the market regardless of when or where it is produced.


We have

powerful partners

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Led by
passionate people:

Our core team is comprised of deeply experienced professionals with broad interdisciplinary skillsets

Illustration of Jupiter Power CEO Andrew Bowman, a clean energy entrepreneur with experience in renewable energy

Andrew Bowman

Illustration of Jupiter Power COO Audrey Fogarty, who brings her cleantech energy experience from Europe to North America

Audrey Fogarty

Illustration of Jupiter Power CCO Jack Godshall, who led wind, solar and energy storage projects for utility and C&I customers

Jack Godshall

Illustration of Jupiter Power Business Manager Delilah Montemayor, who has a decade of experience in the renewable energy industry

Delilah Montemayor

Business Manager
Illustration of Jupiter Power CFO Bruce Thompson, experienced in structured transactions for energy and renewables

Bruce R. Thompson


Nat Drucker

Development Manager

Michael Geier

Director, EPC

Andy Holst

Commercial Lead

Jenny Liu

Director, Transmission & Market Modelling


Finance Associate

Laura Wellborn

Trading & Dispatch Manager

Zack Whiteman

Applications Analytics Manager

We’re actively hiring across disciplines.  If you are passionate about the industry, and are excited to join a growing team, we want to hear from you.

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