Power management
for a changing grid

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Jupiter Power is putting deep energy storage expertise, proven project execution capability, and significant capital to work to help make the energy transition a reality.

bridging the gap

Jupiter’s energy storage projects bridge the timing and basis gaps between generation supply and load demand by participating in the power sector’s energy trading, capacity, and ancillary service markets. Learn more about our projects.

powerful partners

Backed by BlackRock’s Diversified Infrastructure business, Jupiter Power has a strategic and established portfolio of utility-scale energy storage projects operating or in construction in the U.S., with a leading pipeline of over 11,000 MW in active development.

Jupiter is a leading energy storage independent power producer with deep trading, analytics, development, finance, operations and construction capabilities and unparalleled dispatch optimization intellectual property.


Optimization and location tool

location, location, location
Energy storage is most valuable where the grid needs support – places with high levels of renewable penetration, constrained or outdated infrastructure, or anticipated capacity deficits. Our BOLT tool allows us to screen every node in the U.S. for the most promising storage locations.


Dispatch optimization and operating platform

Energy storage is complex. DOPTOP absorbs historical, real-time and forward-looking market data and recommends dispatch decisions to our trading group every day.


State of the art price forecasting and AI informing optimization decisions

By deploying the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Minerva’s forecasting capabilities provide unparalleled visibility into the grid.

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Jupiter’s growing team of 67+ professionals have been collectively responsible for over 25,000 MW of power generation projects built globally, including some of the first utility-scale energy storage projects in the U.S.